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Experience Tectoria 2016

By September 20, 2016Uncategorized

Experience Tectoria 2016 consisted of an exclusive series of events hosted by ViaTec over the course of 3 days. There were three following events which were Launch & Learn, Demo Camp and  F*ckup night Vol.3. Experience Tectoria is a gathering of local entrepreneurs with international investors and thought-shapers.

What is Tectoria?

Accelerate Tectoria  provides a structured venture development service designed to guide, coach, and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs. Delivered by ViaTEC, the service is based on the BCIC Accelerator Network (BCAN) definition developed by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC). The service is designed to help the technology sector reach its maximum potential by supporting local technology start-ups.

Holografyx Participated in Demo Camp

Holografyx participated in the camp on Thursday, Sep 15. At the event, visitors met Tectoria’s brightest tech stars and saw their products in action. They had the chance to see our  Showcase 7022 in action. The unit consists of a unique display box which is attached to a transparent screen hooked to a computer. Visitors had the opportunity to see our eye-catching videos which are customized by our own in-house video designer. Our showcase illuminates products within the unit, providing breathtaking aesthetic appeal. They are ideal for trade shows, events, marketing campaigns and launching of new products.

Holografyx loved F*uckup Night

Holografyx also joined F*uckup night vol.3 which is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned, and celebrated in a humourous manner. It started in 2012 in Mexico City, and it’s now a hit in Victoria. We really enjoyed F*uckup night and was happy to have attended this unforgettable night.

Holografyx would like to thank ViaTEC for holding such an enjoyable event and for supporting the technology sector in Victoria. We hope everyone who visited our booth enjoyed our product and time at the Experience Tectoria 2016.

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