Communicating and informing consumers can be a challenging experience that’s limited to resources and available labor. The Holografyx iClear is a next-generation informative advertising tool that can inform observers in a very personable way. The Holografyx iClear displays a life-sized 3D virtual presentation that can be pre-recorded or interactive. It allows observers to see a virtual projection of a person and receive direct information. The advantages of the Holografyx iClear are its strong impression on observers, making information memorable and catchy.


Designed to be a personable way to welcome and inform observers. Utilizing a full HD projector, the iClear displays a life-size 3D virtual presentation of a pre-recorded video or a live video feed onto a polycarbonate cutout.


The two crystal clear, high quality speakers allow the observer to easily listen to the iClear and coupled with its memorable display, the observers will never forget the information.


The iClear can be used as an info booth, a welcome display, or even as a rescue point for lost children to help them find their parents. With the built in display, camera, and microphone, the uses are endless.

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