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Beneficios de nuestros productos

Capta la atención de los clientes presentando tus productos de forma atractiva y diferente y consolida tu identidad de marca.

Diferencia tu empresa y productos de la competencia, creando un mayor reconocimiento de marca y logra aumentar significativamente las ventas.

Facilita a tus consumidores de forma innovadora la información que necesitan, de forma que recuerden tu producto.

En Holografyx entendemos las necesidades de nuestros clientes y les proporcionamos los mejores productos y videos personalizados.

Nuestros productos

Showcase Box

Muestra tu  producto a través de un vídeo  personalizado que capta la atención de los espectadores.

Showcase Window

Presenta tu producto de forma innovadora y mejora tu espacio de venta.


Muestra una imagen virtual en 3D de tamaño real con una proyección pregrabada o interactiva para lograr una mayor participación del consumidor.

Holografyx is a source of inspiration; it simplifies our window display and makes a statement. I always wanted to change our window display to something unique and captivating. Holografyx gave us that opportunity to have a personalized unique display, which is very easy to change and navigate and draws increased traffic. I want to thank you for your assistance in creating exceptional videos for Lugaro Jewellers. Holografyx has done an excellent job in developing and executing unique videos with personalized approach. What I like the most about the service is the quick and consistent high quality service. I would highly recommend this product personally to anyone who is looking for new and creative ways of product display.

Marina ShaforostLugaro Jewellers

The traffic walking by on the show floor immediately noticed our show special and wanted to get more information about the diamond weight and pricing. Moreover, they found the showcase appearance very clean and professional. The LED lighting inside the showcase gives life to the diamonds and makes it stand out compared to our competitors’ product. Soft music is a feature that is relaxing for the customers who have to spend more time in our booth. The digital display video showcasing our product had the perfect timing and texture, which was the icing on the cake. It is just fabulous. Video quality, LED lighting, the exterior and interior finish of the product and the portability with the carrying case makes it a completely self-contained portable showcase. We recommend this showcase to anyone who asks us about it. The staff at Holografyx is simply amazing and professional. They understood our requirement with the video and came up with a few versions of them and we loved it. Any other showcase cannot beat the design and functionality of Holografyx.

Darshit ChoksiSK Diamonds

I just wanted to say that the Holografyx displays were a HUGE success at the trade show.

J. Hellwig Forest Technology Systems, Ltd

We were taken with the Holografyx product from the moment we laid eyes on it at the Vegas show. This is truly a product for the modern age. The staff at Holografyx bent over backwards to help us create a display unique to our style of craftsmanship and design.

Dane ArtFX Fine Jewerlly

Holografyx products are really hight quality.The team has always been very helpful ,they are friendly and very professional. I feel like a Holografyx family member and I am very proud of representing their amazing products in the Latin American Market.

Sergio BarillasPubliboxes