Holografyx® Canada Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. We develop innovative holographic tools used for showcasing products, services and company logos.

We hold patents on all our products and are dedicated to research, development, and sales directly or through our distributors abroad.

We have two distributors, Yogurtself, located in Panama and Publiboxes located in Guatemala. Distributors are assigned a territory and rights to use the Holografyx® IP.

Holografyx® is a socially and environmentally responsible international company. Our products are designed in Canada and manufactured under a zero-defect quality control model.


At Holografyx we are not afraid of taking the next step and working alongside you in devising video and material for your Holografyx product.

We have our very own in-house creative team as well as partnerships with first-grade video designers. Through this group of people there’s a deep sense of knowledge and expertise of the best way to design videos for the Showcase that enhance the product’s presentation through the LCD transparent display.

Some of these enhancements include animations surrounding the product that create attractive presentations for the product.

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